Bayin Nyi Cave

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The Bayin Nyi Cave is a hot spring at the entrance. It is a cave with the hot springs, but the hot spring is not clean, I think that you can enjoy it, if you like foot bath. Please bring clothes if you want to soak in the hot spring. However, if it is dry season, hot season, it will dry while riding on a motorbike. The hot spring is separated for men and women, but for women it is just surrounded by simple walls. There is no facility that can change clothes.
Also, since there are many monkeys in this pagoda, those who want to see monkeys, we recommend going to this pagoda. The Myanmar monkey has a very quiet personality and rarely harms humans. There was no problem at all.

Streaming and Photos of Bayin Nyi Cave

hpa an bayin nyi caveBayin Nyi Cave Hpa-an Pa-an hot spring monkeys

Bayin Nyi Cave Hpa-an Pa-an hot spring monkeys

 It is the entrance of Bayin Nyi Cave. Things like this pool are hot springs. In the past, it was not in such a pool, the surroundings were ponds. The whole pond is warm water?  Hot springs? But now it looks like a pool. I do not think the staffs clean up or not. The hot spring? hot water? is bodily sensation, but it is about 38 degrees so it is suitable temperature. I think that those who are anxious about hygiene should be as good as just footbath.
hpa an bayin nyi cave hot spring for ladies There is a white wall on the left side of the photo, and that is for women. The center of the photo is just a pond. I do not know well, but chances are that there are no changing rooms etc. Myanmar people go back to the pool, even if they enter the pool. It is a hot country, so if you are riding on a motorcycle it will dry naturally. Or just change your clothes easily.
Bayin Nyi Cave Hpa-an Pa-an hot spring monkeysBayin Nyi Cave Hpa-an Pa-an hot spring monkeys

Bayin Nyi Cave Hpa-an Pa-an hot spring monkeys

 Many monkeys live in this Bayin Nyi Cave. Although there are ten, it is not a monkey that enters a hot spring like Japan. Because it is a hot country, there is no need to enter a hot spring. If someone teaches monkeys, will they soak???
Also, Myanmar monkeys are very quiet and rarely harm human beings. If you go near, they will escape, but some monkeys do not run away like Japanese monkeys, they never robbed themselves if we had food.
Bayin Nyi Cave Hpa-an Pa-an inside the cave There is also a cave in this pagoda, but it can not go through. It will take about 5 to 10 minutes to go to and the end, but there is no small room, so nothing special.
This pagoda, the cave, the feet are wet since water drips from everywhere. Please be careful as your feet are very slippy.
hpa an bayin nyi caveBayin Nyi Cave Hpa-an Pa-an hot spring monkeys honey

hpa an bayin nyi cave

hpa an bayin nyi cave

 I bought honey at a souvenir shop at the entrance of Bayin Nyi Cave. This honey is probably 100% honey. Many honey sold in Japan and in the world, but almost are fake… with much sugar, and furthermore, there are many things boiled with fire I do not know if this honey is diluting, but it is probably 100% honey. You can see how to distinguish honey by dissolving in water. The Real honey is difficult to dissolve in water, thinning honey will melt with Sue. Because this honey takes time to melt, it is almost certainly 100% honey.
The reason for putting fire on honey is to fly the moisture of honey. Since bees can not use fire, they will fly with bee feathers and flush their moisture, but since it takes time, it is time to spill water on watery honey to shorten the time ;
The price was 5,000 kyat in 1 liter. Is it about USD 4 a little If you buy it in Japan and in your countyr, it is so expensive, but in Myanmar, you can buy it at this price. Also, there are1 litter 2,000 kyat honey, but maybe cheap honey is also diluted with sugar in Myanmar.
What to buy I always get lost Myanmar souvenir (meaning that no souvenir that I want to buy it …), but how about honey from Myanmar
The honey is sold in a bottle, please transfer it to a PET bottle, such as Coke and take it home. Honey can not be brought in the cabin, and if it is a bottle it may crack in the suitcase. Actually, the bottle broke and it became serious… And why do not buy Myanmar snack as your souvenir? The snack is made from coconuts. The taste is really good, 1 pack is 500kyat, and the 1 pic is 100kyat. You try to eat it, and if you like you should buy this Myanmar coconuts snack!

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How to get to Bayin Nyi Cave

Bayin Nyi Cave is far from Hpa-an City, it takes a time for 1 hour by motorbike and car. The location is the other side of the rier that flows close to Hpa-an City. It is the same side Yathae Pyan Cave, Kyaut Ka Latt pagoda. it takes about 40 mins from these pagoda to Bayin Nyi Cave.

Yathae Pyan Cave Hpa-an Pa-anKaw Gon Cave Myanmar Hpa-an pa-an
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Bayin Nyi Cave
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