Ko Yin Lay Pagoda (Ye)

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About Ko Yin Lay Pagoda

It is located a pagoda about 150 km south of Mawlamyine. It is easy to go from Mawlamyine because it is a single road, but it takes about 3 to 3.5 hours by car and motorbike, because it is far from 150 km. In addition, it is near the town called Ye and can be reached within one hour from this town.
At Ko Yin Lay Pagoda, you can see it by looking at the photos, but you can see the large golden Buddha and the sleeping and reclyning Big Buddha statue.
This Ko Yin Lay Pagoda is a construction that is under construction and is a pagoda that will grow from now on. It seems like a plan to make a big Buddha and Zen statue first, and then make a pagoda etc.
The big Buddha and Zen statues are already complete.

Photos and Streaming of Ko Yin Lay Pagoda

<% pageTitle %>  I went by motorbike from Mawlamyine. It’s very easy to get there as it’s just one road from Mawlamyine, but it’s only 150 km, so it took 3.5 hours to get there one way. The road condition is good in 2/3, but the remaining 1/3 has many bumps on the road, and I struggled without much speed. If you go by car, you can get more speed than a bike, so I think it will arrive in less than 3 hours.
The picture is the entrance from the big street. Ko Yin Lay Pagoda can not be seen from the main road, so please be careful not to pass by if you are going.
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From the main road, you can see the pagoda after 5 minutes by motorbike. There is a very large site, but now a large golden Buddha and Sleeping and Reclining Big Buddha statue, and one pagoda are completed.
The pagodas are likely to grow and are still under construction. In terms of site, I think it will be 5 to 6 times the size of the site of the completed Buddha and Sleeping and Reclining Big statues. It becomes such a big pagoda. The remaining construction seems to be built around a pagoda and other buildings.
<% pageTitle %> It is the entrance of the Big Buddha and Reclining Big Buddha statues. As you climb this stairs, you will see the Buddha statues in the foreground.
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The lower side of the statue is pagodas, and you can get inside. There were stairs and it seemed to be on the second floor, but ordinary people could not enter. Maybe it has not been completed yet. (The first floor is complete.)
The interior was very clean, and the long corridor was spectacular.
<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> The center of the Big Buddha has a building, and it is built around the Big Buddhas.
Of course, you can go up to the middle building, and both the building and the Buddha are already completed. Are the buildings eight or nine stories?
<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> This is the entrance to the building in the center of the Great Buddha. Admission is free. However, this building will not wear shorts and will wear longies, but no problem, there are longies for free lending.
It was women monks who were here.
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I think that this building, Big Buddha is still new, but the water leakage by rain is so terrible. It is all right in the future? I had an impression that. Well, not only the great Buddha of Myanmar, but also the buildings are often leaked, and it is okay because there is almost no earthquake. Even so, it was a bad impression that the water leak was a little bit.
The building can be climbed to the top. All floors have become pagodas, and it has already been completed. The view from the top is a superb view. The picture above is a picture taken from above the head of the Buddha, where the gray structure is making a pagoda. You can see that this pagoda is still big.

Map of Ko Yin Lay Pagoda


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Ko Yin Lay Pagoda (Ye)
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