Tie Ta Htong Monastery

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The Tie Ta Hitong Monastery is located beyond Thaton. If you’re from Mawlamyine, it will take about 1.5 to 2 hours one-way by motorbike or car. The old pagodas that really feel historical Monastry, I thought simply that such a pagoda is a good thing.
I found it when I went on a bike from Mawlamyine to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda(Golden Rock), so I tried to stop. It is a difficult to go to this pagoda, because it is quite far from Mawlamyine. In addition, there is a mountain in the back of this Pagoda and Monastry, and there is also A Lan Ta Yar Hiltop Monastery, but it is not recommended because the slope is so steep that the serface condition of the road is not so good.

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 When I went back to Mawlamyine from Kyaiktiyo Pagoda(Golden Rock) by motorbike, I tried to stop because there was a big pagoda on the left side of the road. According to Google Map, it is The Tie Ta Hitg Monastery.
This Tie Ta Htong Monastery is not a distinctive pagoda unique to Myanmar, but a pagoda is very old. I thought that the pagoda is good, because the pagoda has a history. This pagoda is quite far from Mawlamyine, so it is a place where you can only go by rental bike or car taxi.

<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> This mountain of Tie Ta Hitg Monastery has A Lan Ta Yar Hiltop Monastery. There are many pagodas standing on the mountain, but it is paved. I do not recommend to go to this Hilltop monastery, because the road is not good condition and really steep. But if you go to there, the view of was amazing.

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Tie Ta Htong Monastery
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