From Mawlamyine Highway Bus, Long Distance Bus Terminal to Mawlamyine City

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Map of Mawlamyine Bus Terminal (High Speed Bus, Long Distance)

Mawlamyine City, Downtown

Mawlamyine Travel information downtown city map

 The upper left corner is Mawlamyine city, downtown. When making a reservation for a hotel, it is more convenient to reserve a hotel on the upper left as much as possible for sightseeing, dining and shopping in Mawlamyine city.
The hotel near the downtown is not cheap. There are also some cheap guest houses near downtown.

Breeze Guest House, Aurora Guesthouse is closest to downtown.

From Mawlamyine Express Bus Terminal to Mawlamyine City

The highway bus terminal is located in the city of Mawlamyine, but it is a bit far from the downtown so you have to go to the hotel, hostel, guest house with a motorcycle or a car taxi (Tuk-tuk) etc.


3,500 kya~

Bike Taxi

1,500kya ~ 2,500kya

Hotel, Guesthouse

 Mawlamyine’s guest house, the hotel tends to be difficult to book on the internet. However, it is rare that guest houses and hotels will be fully occupied, so there is no problem, even if you come to Mawlamyine without reservation.
As the reason why you can not make a reservation, the Internet environment is bad, the guest house, the hotel side is not putting the emphasis, people who can use it, there are no people who can manage it is the main cause.
I am accepting by telephone correspondence, so I do not know whether there are staff who can speak English, but I recommend you to make a phone call and make a reservation.

※ The number of hotels and guesthouses that can be booked on the Internet has increased, so we recommend you search for the time being.

Things to do in Mawlamyine

Preparing for TravelSightseeing in Mawlamyine CitySightseeing in Southern Mawlamyine 1Sightseeing in Southern Mawlamyine 2

 Tourism in Mawlamyine has plenty of places to see sightseeing in Mawlamyine suburbs. As the place to sightseeing in downtown is about the pagoda at the top of the mountain in the Mawlamyine city, it is recommended to hire a motorbike taxi or lent a rental motorcycle, or of course, you can take a walk from the center of Mawlamyine downtown, taking a time for around 30 mins. We also recommend one day trip to Hpa-an. There is only 1 or 2 guest houses in Hpa-an, and hotel accommodation fee is also very high, so if you want to keep accommodation cost down, I recommend one day sightseeing from Mawlamyine to Hpa-an. But you have to leave from Mawlamyine early in the morning. It takes a time for 2.5 hours (one way) from Mawlamyine to Hpa-an.

Also, it is easier to go to Kyaiktiyo pagoda from Mawlamyine than from Yangon. Because it takes much time to go to the Yangon High Speed bus station from the center of Yangon. Also, in order to be departed early in the morning, and you have to take a taxi to the Yangon high-speed bus station. Hotels near Kyaiktiyo pagoda are very expensive. Most people are from Yangon by one day trip.
Or you can go to Mawlamyine and Hpa-an with Kyaiktiyo pagoda from Yangon, Kyaiktiyo pagoda is the middle point of these.

There are also many people heading to Yangon after sightseeing Kyaiktiyo pagoda from Mawlamyine. Of course, the reverse is also possible. Traveling can be enjoyed more efficiently by going to Kyaiktiyo pagoda on the way.

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From Mawlamyine Highway Bus, Long Distance Bus Terminal to Mawlamyine City
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