Bin Hlaing Pagoda in Mudon

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It is a pagoda located about 5 minutes from the Huge Reclyning, sleeping Buddha Statue. There are many shops in this pagoda, so you can also eat food and have a tea. There is also souvenir shops at there, so you can buy something, easily.
This pagoda also has a sleeping Buddha in the Pagoda, but it is an indoor Reclyning, Sleeping Big Buddha statue. It is less visible than a Huge Reclying, Sleeping Buddha. However, it is smaller compared with the huge one. You can see it by watching at the picture, but it is large.
How about looking at the Reclyning, Sleeping Buddha statue twice? But it is better to take a break at this pagoda more than The Huge one.

Photos of Bin Hlaing Pagoda in Mudon

<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> It is the entrance to the pagoda. Going from Mawramín, there is a slightly larger horse-shaped gate on your right, so please enter from there. Please be aware that this pagoda is a little far from the main street and may pass by.
There is a large pond at the entrance, and there is a pagoda on the other side of the pond. You will reach Pagoda when you run about 300 meters from the entrance.
<% pageTitle %> It is the entrance to the pagoda. There are about 10 to 15 restaurants, cafes and shops in this Pagoda, so you can have a tea, meals and simple shopping. You might not have a imagine from the big street, there is a Pagoda, but I think it is a good place for taking a break. There is The Huge Reclyning, Sleeping Buddha statue near this pagoda, but I recommend this pagoda for a break more than Huge one.
<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> In the pagoda, there is a Reclyning, sleeping Big Buddha. I think that it would be overlooked because there is the world’s largest Buddha statue nearby, but the Buddha statue of this pagoda is also quite large.
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 It is the inside of the Buddha statue. There is a museum.
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 Photos outside of The Buddha, and there are many such unique figurines next to, so it is fun to look at. There is a place to take a seat, so it would be nice to buy a drink at the shop and relax at here.
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 There are many shops in Pagoda, so you can take a break, with buying tea, juice, snack, food and souvenirs. If you take a break and relax, I think that this pagoda is better than a huge samurai statue. It would be nice to sleep and take a break in this pagoda. It is not a violation of manners, as there are many Burmese people sleeping in Pagoda. Personally, I have never been stolen, but please be pay attention to your valuables.

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Bin Hlaing Pagoda in Mudon
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