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 We have made a rate table for high-speed buses and long distance buses from Mawlamyine, Yangon, Mandalay and major cities. Tickets for buses are usually purchased at the front desk of hotels, hostels, guesthouses etc. There is no need to go to a bus company, high-speed bus · long distance bus terminal. As for price, it is different according to time zone, bus company, so please consider as a roughly. Also, regarding the time required, it may be slightly off depending on road conditions.

※ The air conditioning in the bus is quite strong. It is about 20 degrees to feel. So we recommend that you bring the thick outerwear, bath towels etc inside the bus.

High Speed Bus, Long Distance Bus Price List, Time Required

※ 2018, November

Hpa-an - YangonEconomy Class13,000
約 6 hours
Hpa-an - YangonUpper Class, First Class19,000
About 6 hours

Myanmar High Speed Bus, Long distance Bus Price List, Time Required

High Speed Bus, Long Distance Bus Ticket SitePrice List, Required Time, High Speed Bus

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