Gaung Say Kyun Islet

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You can go to the islet by a boat from Mawlamyine. It takes only 5 minutes, so it is easy to go. The entire small island is the pagoda, and there are many monks living on the islet. If anything, there were many female monks. Personally, I did not expect too much about this islet, but it was surprisingly good. The boat is 2,000 kyat for foreigners and 1,000 kyat for Myanmars (round trip price).
The islet is really small, so easy to look around. It is enough for about 30 minutes or 1 hour for sightseeing. If you have a time, why not go to a simple boat trip?

Streaming and Photos of Gaung Say Kyun Islet

<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> It is a port on the Mawlamyine side, and getting on the boat from here to Gaung Say Kyun Islet. The fee of a boat is that Foreigners are 2,000 kyat (US $ 1.3) and 1,000 kyat for Myanmars. This is the Round Trip Price. The small island next to the bridge is the Gaung Say Kyun Islet on the photo.

Map & How to get

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 I arrived at The Islet. Because it is an islet near Mawlamyine, it only takes about 5 minutes.
<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> The entrance and the Map of the islet. The entire island is pagoda and is in good condition. Also, there are many monks living in this small island.
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The whole island is pagoda and very well maintained. It can be sightseeing in only within 30 minutes. One hour of boat trip is enough for sightseeing on this island. However, the time for the return boat will be by the customers, so you might have to wait for a while.
There are many dogs on the island. Myanmar dogs are very friendly, but please be careful as they do not manage rabies etc.<% pageTitle %>There is a big snake…

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There are many female monks living in Pagoda. Rather, it seemed that there are more female monks than men.

How to get and Map of Gaung Say Kyun Islet




Mawlamyine、How to use the map How to use the map

Mawlamyine、、How to use the map

Map of The Port

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 There is a gas station next to the Attaran hotel, and going straight, there is a small port. This road is not maintained, so is this road correct? You may think, but please, proceed.

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Gaung Say Kyun Islet
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