Zin Kyaik Waterfall

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Zin Kyaik Waterfall is between Mawlamyine and Thaton. Zin Kyaik Waterfall is about 40 minutes by motorbike from Mawlamyine. That is about 20 minutes from Thaton. This Zin Kyaik Waterfall also has a pool created by blocking the river, of course, you can swim. You can also enter the river, so if you want to swim, please change your clothes. (The pool does NOT have to wear a swimsuit. T-shirts and shorts are fine.)

However, there is no water in the dry season, so please go in the rainy season. Of course, the pool is only rainy season. Since streaming was in the dry season, there is no water, but the photos are in the rainy season.

Streaming of Zin Kyaik Waterfall

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It is near the entrance of Zin Kyaik Waterfall. There is also a shop like this and a restaurant where you can dine near the parking lot. Parking is chargeable, and it is 500 kyat if it is a motorcycle.
<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> There is also a pool near the parking lot. The water is very clean. The depth is about 2 meters deep. Myanmar people wear clothes even at the hotel’s swimming pool, so it is not necessary to take a swimsuit.
Also, there are many people who come home wet without changing their clothes when they go home. There are many people who come by motorbike, so they will get dry when running by motorbike.
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<% pageTitle %> It is difficult to see in the photos, but many Myanmar people are swiming? playing in the river. This waterfall has no water unless it is rainy season. The rainy season temperature in Mawlamyine is less than 30 ° C.
It is a pity that there is little water in the hot dry season. (During the dry season and the hot season, it hardly rains, so there is little water in the river.)
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There is a stairs next to the Zin Kyaik Waterfall, from which you can go above the waterfall. There is a pagoda on the waterfall and an observation deck. The view from the observation deck is very nice! You can go to the top of the waterfall in about 10 to 15 minutes. The stairs are also part of the pagoda, so please take off your shoes and climb.
Also, the river above the waterfall is dangerous and can not enter.

Map of Zin Kyaik Waterfall




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Zin Kyaik Waterfall
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