Setse Beach, Silver Beach

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Setse beach Mawlamyine

Setse beach Mawlamyine

Setse beach silver beach Mawlamyine

Setse beach

Setse beach Mawlamyine

 From Mawlamyine to Setse Beach, taking a time for 2 hours by a car, for 2.5hours by a motorcycle. From Kyaikkami Pagoda to Setse Beach is around 40 mins. The water is clean, but the sand is not white, so it is not resort. However, you can swim in the sea. But After water festival, I do not recommend you to go to the sea because many many trashes on the beach… Myanmar people always throw away trashes.
There is a rental floating and the price is 1,000kyat for 1 day.And Myanmar people do not have a habit to wear swim suit. They swim with T-shirt and some clothes. So you do not mind you can swim, but You should better to take another T-shirts and something.

Mawlamyine Setse Beach

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Mawlamyine Setse Beach

The last 4 pictures are taken at the water festival.
If you want to enjoy the beautirul and clean and loac beach, Dawei is better. Dawei is South Mawlamyine and a little bit far from Mawlamyine. You have to take a high speepd and long distance bus from Mawlamyine, taking a time for 6 or 7 hours. The beach is really beautiful..

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Map of Setse Beach, Silver Beach

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How to get to Setse Beach, Silver Beach

From Mawlamyine to Setse Beach, Silver Beach, taking a time for 2.5 hours. Kyaikkami Pagoda is near, so it is better to go, and some good sightseeing points along the street. Just one way, for 2.5 hours, so you have to leave from Mawlamyine early in the morning, and hire a taxi whole day.

kyaikkhami yae le pagodamyanmar world war 2 Cemetery, Mawlamyine Thanbyuzayat
Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda, Sitting Big Buddha Mawlamyine sleeping reclining giant big buddha Mawlamyine
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Setse Beach, Silver Beach.
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