Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda

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Photos of Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda

It is a symbolic pagoda of Hpa-an. There is a rock in the middle of the pond, and there is a pagoda on the rock, and you can climb up to the middle of the rock.
The scenery from the Pagoda, middle of the rock is the best. There are many large carps in the pond around the rock and you can feed. Bait can be bought at the entrance souvenir shops. The price of bait is 1,000 kyat, about 0.8 USD.

Streaming and Photos of Photos of Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda

hpa-an kyaut ka latt pagoda  Around the wilderness? Plain? but there is only one rock in the pond.
Hpa-an kyaut ka latt pagoda There is a big pond around the pagoda, and you will cross the bridge to the pagoda of the rock. There are lots of big carps in this pond and you can feed it. Feeding can also be done from the bridge, there is something like a deck beside the entrance of the bridge, from where you can feed. Bait can be bought at a souvenir shops of the entrance.
Myanmar Kyaut Ka Latt pagoda There are many stray dogs in Myanmar, Myanmar’s dog is very quiet. I have never seen attack to people. Basically it is friendly. Does it resemble the ethnicity of Myanmar?
hpa an kyaut ka latt pagoda

It is a pagoda of rocky middle of point. The rock is big, but the pagoda is small. Actually, this place is forbidden to take a photo and video, but I was told that it is okay for me to take a photo and video, so I take photos. Basically it is a place where shooting is prohibited.
Probably, I think that the place is narrow so it gets crowded by taking photos.

 Also, on the way up here, a clerk take us an Orange Missanga in our arms like the photo. The charge is free, but I hope to donate to the pagoda.

hpa an kyaut ka latt pagoda view photo The view from this rock is the best! Hpa-an, which can be said to the whole, but the scenery is very nice in Hpa-an. It is very pleasant to ride on a motorbike. Traveling by car is also nice, but if the weather is nice, it is also a pleasant experience to ride a motorbike taxis and rental motorcycles.
Hpa-an Pa-an Karen State uniform photoI’m sorry, it may be hard to see with glass reflections, but this is the Karen ethnic costume. Mawlamyine is Mon State but Hpa-an is Karen State.

Map of Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda

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How to get to Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda

The place is a bit far from the city of Hpa-an, so you can not go without a car, motorbike. In the direction, it will be in the direction of Sadan Cave (Sadan Cave), so why do not you go out together? However, the Sadan cave is far from Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda, taking a time for around 30mins. But this road is very comfortable, because view is great!

Sadan Cave, サダン洞窟, ボート, ミャンマー、myanmar, Hpa-an, Pa an, Hpa an

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Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda
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