Best Season iin Hpa-an

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  •  The best season is from October to February. At this time it rains very little. Of course it’s hot a little, but the maximum temperature does not rise to that. It will be around 30 to 33 degrees.
  •   From March to May, it is a hot season, not only Hpa-an, Mawlamyine, but also the hottest time in Myanmar, the maximum temperature may be over 35 degrees, sometimes.
  •   It is a rainy season from June to October, and it will be raining heavy..

Mawlamyine ,Hpa-an Climate Waterfall, temperature

The climate of Mawlamyine, Hpa-an is rain does not have in dry season and hot season, and it rains a lot from June to September in the rainy season.

ミャンマーのMawlamyine の気候、降水量、最高気温、最低気温、天気予報

Compare with Mawlamyine, Hpa-an and Yangon

From June to early October, it is rainy season, which is about twice as much rain as Yangon. Sightseeing to Mawlamyine, Hpa-an will almost surely be raining. Those who come to sightseeing at this time, please bring raincoats, rain gear etc. Also, when sightseeing, we recommend using a car taxi or Tuk-Tuk..

ミャンマー、降水量、最高気温、最低気温、Mawlamyine とヤンゴンとの比較

Weather Forecast of Hpa-an and Mawlamyine

 Weather Forecast Hpa-an (External links)

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