★South Mawlamyine sightseeing spots (Near Mawlamyine City)

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South Mawlamyine (within one hour from Mawlamyine City)

It is information on the place within 1 hour from Mawlamyine city. Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Center, Reclyning Big Buddha are famous and are also listed in guide books etc, but Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda, (there is a Sitting large Buddha), so we recommend you to go. Until a sitting big large Buddha, it will arrive in about 50 minutes from Mawlamyine city. If you hire a rental motorcycle or a motorcycle taxi for half a day, you can go alomst sightseeing spots.

South Mawlamyine (Recommend)

Shwe Nat Taung Pagodaカンギーパゴダ、Kan Gyi Pagoda in Mudon、ミャンマー、Mawlamyine、ムドン、、Mawlamyine Travel Information
キャウッタロン パゴダ Kyauk Ta Lone Pagoda Taung Mountain 写真 photo Mawlamyine
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Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda, Sitting Big Buddha, 大仏, Mawlamyine, , ミャンマー

Shwe Nat Taung pagoda

How to get to South Mawlamyine (within 1 hour from Mawlamyine city)

We gathered places where can go within 1 hour from Mawlamyine. We recommend to go to the Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Center in the morning.
The Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Center takes about 20 mins by motorbike from Mawlamyine, and 15 minute drive by a car. The Reclining Big Buddha is around 30 minutes, The Sitting Big Buddha is around 40 mins.It is better to hire a bike taxi for half a day or whole 1 day.

If you hire a motorbike taxi, the fee is around from 15,000 to 20,000kyat whole 1 day. (It is a negotiation system.) When you hire a car taxi, it will be about 7,000 kyat. there are Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Center, and Kan Gyi Pagoda in Mudon along this street, so you can go to with going to Reclyning and Sitting Big Buddha.

How about Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda,Setse Beach?, which takes one hour or more. These places are also on the same street, so you can go to Reclyining Big Buddha and Siting Big Buddha with Kyaikkhami and Set se Beach.

Map of South Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine、How to use the map How to use the map

Mawlamyine、、How to use the map

South Mawlamyine (over 1 hour from Mawlamyine city)

over 1 hour from Mawlamyine city

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