Regarding entry and leave from Thailand and Myanmar

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Please note that land entry to Thailand is limited to twice a year.

Please check about it by your country of Thai embassy.

Please, check the information

Tourist information of Myawady and Mae Sot


Mae Sot(Thai Land)

Entry and departure is very easy!

It is no different from general entry and departure. If you are from Myanmar, there is an immigration at the entrance of the bridge on the Myanmar side, so please leave from Myanmar there. Then walk across the bridge and there is a Thai immigration at the exit of the bridge where you can enter Thailand. It will be the opposite if it is from the Thai side.
Also, there are many immigration windows and it is a bit confusing, so you ask a staff wearing uniform, “Immigration?”. They will tell you the number of the window.
By the way, the bridge is about 5 minutes by walking,so there is no need to take a bus, and there is no such thing.

Around Mae Sot(Thai Land) Checkpoint

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About Immigartion

Immigration is from 6:00 am to 8:00 pmIt is NOT open for 24 hours so please be careful in time.

In addition, there are a lot of buses, taxis, motorbike taxis when you cross the bridge to Mae Sot, Myawaddy City, so please negotiate the price. The Mae Sot Song thew(Truck Bus) was 20 baht to the downtown.

Map of Myawady and Mae Sot

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Regarding entry and leave from Thailand and Myanmar
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