★Ranking Sightseeing Spot in Mawlamyine!

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Mawlamyine Ranking 1
mawlamyine reclining big buddha Sleeping Big Buddha travel information

It is a super huge Sleeping Big Buddha (Rclining Big Buddha) in Mawlamyine. Some pagodas and museum in the Big Buddha. Everything on the outside has been completed to built, but the inside pagodas and museums are still making. There are about 4 to 5 floors in the Sleeping Big Buddha, and it is completed about 2 floors. And There is another the huge Buddha on the other side, it is making, now. So few years later, The Reclining Big Buddha will be two symmetrically. This sleeping Buddha will arrive from downtown Mawlamyine by motorbike, by car for about 20 or 30 minutes.

Mawlamyine travel ranking 2
mawlamyine kyaikkhami pagoda mawlamyine hpa-an travel information

It is Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda. This pagoda is 2 to 2.5 hours one way from Mawlamyine, but it is a unusual pagoda. This pagoda is on the coast and is a pagoda where the scenery changes by tides. The picture is at the time of high tide, and the picture at the time of low tide also has a different atmosphere. There is Setse · Beach about 40 minutes from Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda, and you can go to the Sleeping Big Buddha the third ranking, The Sitting Buddha. The direction and road is the same.

Mawlamyine Sightseeing Ranking 3
Sitting Big Buddha Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda,Sitting Big Buddha mawlamyine

About 1 hour from Mawlamyine, there is a super – huge big statue of Buddha. You can enter into the Big Buddha, and there is a pagoda inside. There are about 8 levels in the Big Budha, but it is only completed up until 3 floors yet. I think it will take about 2 to 3 more years to complete.

Rank 4
Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda mawlamyine

It is near Mawlamyine downtown and it is a symbolic pagoda of Mawlamyine. You can also walk from downtown. I think that it will arrive from the center of downtown in about 30 minutes. This pagoda is made on the top of the hill, the sunset is also a very beautiful. In the evening, many Myanmar people and foreign tourists visit here to see the sunset. It is one of the easiest pagodas in Mawlamyine to go.

Rank 5
night market mawlamyine hpa-an travel information

It is a night market beside the river of Mawlamyine. You will reach this night market as you walk along the river. From downtown, it will be around 20 minutes on foot. The night market is mostly a street food restaurant, why do not you go out for taking a walk and eating dinner? There are many shops where alcohol is also sold. There is Asian sushi shop.

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★Ranking Sightseeing Spot in Mawlamyine!
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