Myawady, Myasaddy(Myanmar) Check Point, Immigration

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About Myawady, Myasaddy(Myanmar)

Myawady, Myawaddy is a city in Myanmar on the border between Myanmar and Thailand. Myanmar side is Myawady and Thai side is Mae Sot. Trade between Thailand and Myanmar is thriving, and goods and people are coming and going. ASEAN countries can travel without visas, but Thailand and Myanmar have economic disparities, so visa-free travel from Myanmar to Thai is by only air plane, and Myanmars can not travel by land to Thailand. However, such a situation would interfere with business in Thailand and Myanmar, so it seems that people are actually coming and going by boat.

<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> Myawaddy immigration is the bridge entrance. I heard in immigration that it is possible to go by car from Myanmar. But only foreigners may be able to go to Thailand by car. The motorbike can not go, but it was said that the motorbike would be fine at Thai immiigration on the Thai side.
It may be OK from Mae Sot (Thailand) and not from Myawady (Myanmar). It will be the difference of national power.
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 When Myanmar people go to Thailand, they go from this boat. It can not be used by foreigners. From the Myanmar side, it seems to be 1,000 kyat, from the Thai side 30 baht. Myanmar people can only travel to Thailand by air plane, but they also need to travel in order to do business, so it is possible to cross the border in reality.

Myawady Travel Information

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Myawady Cheap Guesthouse, Rain Moe Motel

<% pageTitle %> It is a cheap hotel, guesthouse in Myawaddy. It is not listed on the internet,, etc. Myawady doesn’t have a good internet environment & there are not many hotels where you can book by internet. I have not stayed at this motel, but it is a very clean hotel. 8,000 kyat (US $ 6) per night. The location is opposite the road of Kyangin Monastery.
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Myawady, Myasaddy(Myanmar) Check Point, Immigration
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