Kyaikmaraw Pagoda(Kyaikmaraw Buddha Statue)

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Kyaikmaraw Pagoda Takes a time for 40 minutes from Mawlamyine. It’s a different way from the way to Kyaikkami Pagoda. It is a very beautiful pagoda and The road from Mawlamyine to Kyaikmaraw Pagoda is very beautiful with flowers, etc. It makes me feel good just driving by a motorcycle or car.
In addition, Kyaikmaraw Pagoda is also cleanly, so it is a recommended course for easy touring and driving.

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 This is near the entrance of Kyaikmaraw Pagoda. A very clean pagoda and a large iron drum in the front? is impressive. The road from Mawlamyine to the city of Kyaikmaraw is very beautiful, so I think it’s good for driving and touring.

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 Inside of Kyaikmaraw Pagoda. This Pagoda is quite big and still makin some buildings. This pagoda is getting big more.

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 This is Tooth of Buddha??? I don’t think there is a tooth of Buddha. so this is a regend, biography or something.

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 At Pagoda, I had a meal because there was a donations. (The food is Free). Myanmar people cook and donate meals free of charge in Pagoda. When there are donations, everyone who visits Pagoda can eat. Of course, the monks also eat.
Thank you very much.

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 A small market in front of Kyaikmaraw Pagoda. There was an impression that this market was cleaned well. I ate donation food at the Pagoda, so I did not eat at there. I will eat next time.

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Kyaikmaraw Pagoda (Kyaikmaraw Buddha Statue)
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