Sadan Cave

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It is quite a big cave. There is a pagoda in the cave, and the pond is spreading through it. You can return to the entrance by a boat. * The boat is charged.
Boat will cost a boat, when I went to Sadan Cave, 1 person was from1,500 to 2,000 kyat(foreigner price). The price is depends on the season. rainy season is 2,000kyat, summer season is 1,500kyat. Also, if you come back by a boat, the boat might go only half way(it depends on the amount of water, and season), so you will be walking back to the entrance. If you come back by boat, please bring your shoes and sandals together not putting them at the entrance.

Streaming and Photos of Sadan Cave

sadan cave Hpa-an Pa-an Entrance   It is the entrance of Sadan Cave. If you come back on a boat, you should take shoes and sandals with you. The place which passed through the cave, there is a boat stand, and you need shoes at there. Also, the getaway port of the boat is located a little away from the entrance. As If you don’t have your shoes, you have to walk barefoot to the entrance.
sadan Cave Hpa-an Pa-an Entrance It is the entrance of Sadan Cave. There are places to put the shoes, but those who ride the boat should bring your shoes.
Hpa-an、サダン洞窟、Sadan Cave、Myanmar Travel Information Please walk down this sign. On the way, there are stairs and bad feet, so please be careful not to slip. You can walk through for about 10 to 15 minutes. Also, as there are many places wet in the cave, please be careful about your feet. Since inside the cave is pagoda, wearing shoesisprohibited.
サダン洞窟内はとてもすずしいです。塗れている場所もありますので、足を滑らせないようにお気を付けください。 The interior of the cave is difficult to see, but you can go through the cave, so please go on
サダン洞窟のボート乗り場(有料)。ここから、入口付近までボートで帰ることができます。 It is a boat station. Here is not Pagoda, so it is okay to wear shoes. Please take your shoes here at the entrance as you will need them.
ボートがたくさんあります。一人、2,000kyatでした。以前は、1艇ごとの値段でしたが、このあいだ行ったときには1人2,000kyatになってました。 The boat was a fee for every boat a few years ago, but when I went to the other day, the rate per person changed. 1 person was from1,500 to 2,000 kyat(foreigner price). The price is depends on the season. The rainy season is 2,000kyat, the summer season is 1,500kyat. Rainy season can go to near entrance of Sadan Cave, but the summer season cannot, because there is less water. So you should take your shoes, not putting at the entrance of Sadan Cave. you have to walk from the port to the entrance of Sadan by barefoots.
ボートで岩の間を抜けて帰ります。Sadan Cave サダン洞窟、ミャンマー、パアンThe Reno cave and the bat cave will be on the opposite side of the river that flows next to the city of Pa Anne, so you have to cross the bridge, so it will take about 30 minutes from the city. In addition, this place will be a boat point when you go ship from Mawlamyine. After going to Mohramayain, I think that it is good to go to Pau An by ship. To see tourist information of Mohramaya Inn, please click here The boat goes through between the rocks. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the entrance of Pagoda. As we go through the rocks, we will pass through the rice paddies. I think that it depends on the season, but the amount of water decreases during the dry season and the hot season so the place where the boat is attached will be in the middle of point and you will have to walk about 20 minutes. When the rainy season or the rainy season has opened, you can reach the vicinity of the entrance.

Map of Sadan Cave

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How to get to Sadan Cave

Sadan Cave is in a place that is a little hard to go, but as a place recommended Ranking, I will come to the top or second, so why do not you try to go? It will take about an hour if it is from Hpa-an City. In the direction, it will be in the direction of Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda, but there is more than twice that distance.
Of course, you will go by motorcycle, by car.

Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda myanmar Hpa an Pa-an

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Sadan Cave
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