Fruits Market in Mawlamyine

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There is a local fruit market. The price is also low price, how about trying once? However, there are some shops to say high prices if they are foreigners, so please negotiate price cuts. Also, if you think it is expensive, we recommend that you change the shop and buy it.

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Fruits Shop Street


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Each Season’s Fruits

There are many fruits throughout the year, but the fruits of the season are delicious and the price is also cheaper. In addition, some fruits are imported from Thailand etc., so imported fruits are expensive a little.

Throughout the year
(Throughout the year)
 The price is around 7 to 8 tufts, about 500 to 1,000 kyat. Long bananas is expensive more than short one. The taste is also sweet.Familiar papaya. When peeling off the thin skin, it contains orange fruit, and it is a classic fruit with small black seeds in the center. Although it is sweet and delicious fruit, papaya is easy to be damaged, so we do not recommend buying papaya cut at the outside stalls. At the stalls, you can buy what you cut about 500 kyat. If it is a whole one, it becomes 2,000 kyat (1.5 USD).
Dec ~ Feb
Throughout the year
jujubawater melon
 Although it may look big in the picture, it is a small fruit about 10 cm in diameter. The taste is a green apple. The price will be about 1,000 kyat (0.7 USD) in about 5 to 6 pieces.It is a familiar watermelon. There are two kinds of watermelon of Myanmar, yellow green and dark green , in general, deep green watermelon is tastier and a little expensive. (The photograph will be a deep green watermelon .) Even if it says that the price is high, this is Myanmar, so 1,000 kyat (0.7 USD) for small things, 2,000 to 2,500 kyat (1.8USD ) It will become. In addition, it seems that watermelon watermelon is said to be particularly delicious with Myanmar, and I think that it is actually sweet and delicious. It is sweet and juicy about the same level as Japan. In Japan it costs about 1,500 yen, but in Myanmar it can be eaten around 0.8 USD.

It is a familiar watermelon. There are two kinds of watermelon of Myanmar, yellow green and dark green, in general, deep green watermelon is good taste and a little expensive. (The photograph is a deep green watermelon.) Even if it says that the price is high, this is Myanmar, so 1,000 kyat (0.7 USD) for small things, 2,000 to 2,500 kyat (1.8 USD ).

In addition, it seems that watermelon watermelon is said to be particularly delicious with Myanmar, and I think that it is actually sweet and delicious.

Feb ~ May
Jack Fruits
Mar ~ Aug
tamarindJack Fruits
 Tamarind is sticky with peeling and tastes like jam. Southeast Asian cuisine is sometimes used as a seasoning to add sweetness and sourness.Jack fruit is very big fruit, about 30 to 40 cm. Inside is full of yellow fruit. It is difficult to express the taste, but it is very tasty fruit. There is a big seed in yellow fruit. As expected it is too large, only the yellow fruit inside is taken out and it is mostly sold in packs. Depending on the size of the pack, you can buy it at roughly 1,000 kyat ~ 2,000 kyat (around 1.5 USD).
Mar ~ May(Throughout the year)
Passion Fruits
July ~ Sep
coconuts MawlamyinePassion fruits
 A representative coconut. The coconut of Myanmar is very cheap and can be bought for about 1,000 kyat (0.7 USD). In the fruit, coconut juice is contained, and if it is a new coconut, you can eat with the inside fruits picked. When you finish drinking juice, you cut fruit if you ask a store person. Passion fruit contains sweet and sour fruit inside and eats it with a spoon. It is very tasty fruit. I’m sorry, I have never bought passion fruit in Myanmar, so I don’t know the exact price, but it seems to be about 3 to 4 at 1,000 kyat.
Mar ~ Jul (Throughout the year)
Dragon Fruits
Mar ~ Oct (Throughout the year)
mango Mawlamyine Travel Informationdragon fruits
 A classic of tropical fruit, mango. It is a sweet and tasty classic South Island fruit. Depending on the size, you can buy one 500kyat (0.4 USD) at a cheap shop. If it is big, it is about 1,000 kyat.
In southern countries, they don’t buy Mango, they just pick up on the ground. Haha.
 Dragon fruit. There are two kinds of dragon fruit, there is white fruit inside, and one containing purple fruit. Purple is more delicious. 1 piece 1,000 kyat ~ 1,500 kyat (1 USD) around.
Apl ~ Jun
May ~ Aug
dorian Mawlamyinedorian、Mawlamyine Travel Informationpineapple MawlamyineMawlamyine pineapple
King of fruits, Dorian. Is it a strong smell when you peel off the skin of the spider? odor? In Singapore, it is forbidden to get on the subway, bus etc with Dorian.
However, if you get used to smell it becomes addictive. It is said that you will feel delicious when you eat three times, please try to eat three times. At first I could not eat either, but now I can eat normally.
Durian is a fine fruit in the southern country, but it costs a good price, but it is super cheap in Myanmar. Depending on the time, but during the season, it is 3,500 kyat (3 USD) if it is small, about 5,000 kyat (4 USD) for big things. In other countries, we can not eat at this price.
Pineapple familiar in every country. I think that the yellow color is more ripe and tasty, but please be careful when buying as there is a possibility that it is too ripe. There is pineapple throughout the year, but it is cheaper in the season and taste sweet and tasty. In the season, small one is 800 kyat ~ 1,000 kyat (0.8 USD).

In addition, the Myanmar people mixed sugar and dubious, brown? Orange?colored spices. I have eaten the spice, but normal is better.

May ~ Jun
May ~ Aug
litchi 果物Rambutan.
Lyche doesn’t seem so much in Myanmar. I haven’t bought it, so I don’t know the price, but I think that it is about 1 bun, 1,000 kyat ~ 2,000 kyat (1.2 USD). Rambutan has white fruits when it is peeled off, and there are large seeds in white fruit. The price is around 4 to 5 and it is about 1,000 kyat. In Myanmar, Rambutan does not seem too much except for the season.
Jun ~ Aug
Snake Fruits
Jun ~ Aug
Mawlamyine mangosteen、Mawlamyine Snake Fruit Myanmar Travel Information
Mangosteen called fruit queen. Because it is called queen, taste is very sweet and tasty fruit. When peeling off, white fruits are included, and there are 4 to 5 large seeds. A little purple juice comes out when you peel off the skin, so your hands will be outdone when you eat. After eating, it is a fruit that you have to wash your hands, so you can not eat outside easily. It is snake fruit. when peeling off this jagged skin it is white fruit and it has sweetness, it is quite tasty fruit. I like to eat cold. The price is about 5 to 6, I think that it is about 1,000 kyat (0.8 USD).
Jun ~ Oct
Sugar Apple
rongan、Mawlamyine travel InformationSugar Apple, Mawlamyine
In Longan, a transparent fruit is contained in a brown thin skin, and black large seeds are contained in it. It can be easily peeled off with a thin leather, it is a fruit that can be eaten quickly. It is about 1,000 to 1,500 kyat in one bunch. Also, because it eats peeled off one by one, does it take some time to eat? Because there is a sense of eating, COSPA is also good. However, it is not easy to peel off the skin. Sugar apple, The taste is really sweet and it is easy to eat. you can peel the skin of sugar apple easily.
Aug ~ Dec
 Pamelon is almost grapefruit ofthe taste. The figuar is diffrent from the grapefruits, but the taste is almost the same.
one pic is 1,500kyat around.

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