3 Pagoda Mountain

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3 Pagoda Mountain is located in Kyaito, about 15-20 minutes by car from Kimpun, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Golden Rock. The Huge Golden Sitting Big Buddha and the view from there are superb. The bike taxi fee is around 5,000 kyat from Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. And there is a beautiful pagoda, kyaik Paw Law Pagoda in Kyaito. Why do not you go to the pagoda,too???

In addition, Kyaito is along the main roads of Yangon, Mawlamyine and Hpa-An, there are many highway buses on the road. I can not say for sure, you can book and buy a bus ticket for going to Yangon and another city, but if you could not buy a bus ticket in Kinpun, you have to come to Kyaito and look for a bus ticket.

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<% pageTitle %><% pageTitle %> Coming from Kyaktiyo Pagoda, Golden Rock, you can see the entrance, but this side is back side of the Buddha. Going straight on this road and turn left, there is a parking lot (free) near the Big Buddha above. Turn right, You can see the Big Buddha from the front, but you have to climb the stairs.
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 It is zoomed the face of the big Buddha. It is not a light eye but a big Buddha, this isopeneyes.

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  The Big Buddha is located on a hill, and the Big Buddha is in front of the Big Square. The view from here is a superb view. A zoomed photo is Kyaik Paw Law. It is a pagoda in Kyaito, it is a very beautiful pagoda. If you have time, why not go for a visit?

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 This pagoda seems to be still in the making. You can only go up to the second floor. The second floor is already completed, but it did not have electricity. (As of June 2019)

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3 Pagoda Mountain
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