Yathae Pyan Cave

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This is also a very big cave. It goes through the cave and it is an observation deck and it has a very nice view. The sunset from this observatory is very beautiful.

Streaming and Photos of Yathae Pyan Cave

hpa an yathae pyan cave、Mawlamyine 、  It is the entrance of Yathae Pyan Cave. Confusing for you, but this cave, it can pass through, through the previously than or there is a viewing platform, please try to go. The view from this observatory is the best. Especially sunset is recommended, but in the evening there will be more mosquitoes, so please have insect repellent.
hpa an yathae pyan cave  It is in the Yathae PyanCave. Since it is a single road, you will not get lost, but there are stairs, steps the road is sometimes slippy, so please take care of it. In addition, all are pagodas, so wearing shoes is prohibited.
hpa an yathae pyan cavehpa an yathae pyan cave photo view As we go through the cave, we have a pagoda and an observatory. The observatory is made of iron, it is a nice day, the daytime is very hot on the deck by the sunshine. At the time, putting a cloth on the deck, but it is still hot, but if you go to a place with shade, under roofs you will not feel hot.
hpa an yathae pyan cave sunset photoMawlamyine hpa an yathae pyan cave It may be hard to understand in the picture, but the view from here is very nice. Especially, the sunset is the best. The sunset will be around 5:00 or 5: 30. This Yathae PyanCave, so close to the Kawgon cave. We recommend that you come to Yathae PyanCave before Kawgon Cave. Kawgon cave close after sunset.

Map of Yathae Pyan Cave

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How to get to Yathae Pyan Cave

Because it is on the opposite side of the river which flows in the neighborhood of Hpa-an city, I think that it will take about 30 to 40 minutes because it is necessary to cross the bridge from Hpa-an city. Also, since there is a Kaw Gon Cave near this Yathae PyanCave, we recommend that you go to Yathae PyanCave, after going Kaw Gon Cave.
The Kaw Gon cave will be closed at 18 o’clock so go to the Kaw Gon Cave around 15 o’clock is better, and see the sunset at the Yathae PyanCave from the observation deck and then going back to Hpa-an City, your hotel and dinner time.

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Yathae Pyan Cave, Hpa-an, Pa-an
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