21 Paradise Natural Hot Spring Thanbyuzayat

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It is a hot spring facility in Thanbyuzayat. There are also accommodation, hotel and a swimming pool. The facilities are well maintained, but the Spa facilities are small and not clean. Basically, Myanmar people only take a shower, and there is no custom that they soak in a hot spring or bathtub. Even if using a hot spring facility, it seems to be about footbath.

Myanmar people are an entrance fee is 1,000 kyat and a pool fee of 1,000 kyat for a total of 2,000 kyat, but all foreigners include 5,000 kyat, US$ 3.5.

In addition, there are accommodation facilities, and it is 30,000kyat, about US $ 15 per night, so the price of accommodation is reasonable. I did not look inside the hotel, but the outside facilities were clean.

There aren’t many slow-moving theorists around, so it might be nice to use the pool and relax.

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How to get to the 21 Paradise Hot Spring in Thanbyuzayat


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 It takes about 15 to 20 minutes by car or bike from the center of Thambyuzayat. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours from Mawlamyine to Thanbyuzayat, so it is a difficult place to visit, so foreigners would not often visit there.

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21 Paradise Natural Hot Spring Thanbyuzayat
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