Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda

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It is a symbolic place of Mawlamyine, the pagoda is at the top of the mountain in Mawlamyine city. Overlooking the city of Mawlamyine from here, the sunset and the night view are superb. Sunset is around 17 o’clock, so we recommend that you go to that time. On this day, it was just a super blue moon day, the sunset and the full moon were seen at the same time. It was lucky because the weather was sunny.

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mawlamyine kyeik than lan pagoda、Mawlamyine、写真、夕日、サンセット、ミャンマー

mawlamyine kyeik than lan pagoda、Mawlamyine、写真、夜景、満月

mawlamyine kyeik than lan pagoda、夜景、Mawlamyine Travel Information、写真

mawlamyine kyeik than lan pagoda、Mawlamyine、写真、夜景、満月

ミャンマー、MawlamyineTravel Information Sightseeing、 kyeik than lan pagoda、写真、夜景、月

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Mawlamyine Travel Information、

mawlamyine kyeik than lan pagoda、ミャンマーの親子、夜景、満月、かわいい

Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda


MawlamyineTravel Information Sightseeing、How to use the map How to use the map

Mawlamyine、Travel Information Sightseeing、How to use the map

How to get to Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda.

It is a pagoda on the hill of Mawlamyine’s downtown with a very nice view. You can see the sunrise on the sea side and the sunrise on the inland so you can see the beautiful sunrise and the sunset in the early morning, evening, whichever you go.
From downtown, you can walk from there in 20 to 30 minutes. When it is a motorbike taxi, it will arrive in about 5 minutes. Depending on the location of the hotel and guesthouse, it is 1,500 to 2,000 kyat from the downtown when it is a motorbike taxi.

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Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda
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